TikVerify Pro: Elevate Your TikTok Presence

Discover the streamlined TikVerify Pro Process, meticulously crafted for ease and authenticity on TikTok. Follow each step to align, authenticate, and launch your TikTok ads with confidence.

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Step 1
Choose Your Ad Account

Log into TikVerify Pro and select your desired ad account from INOVAD.

Step 2
Submit Brand Documents

Upload the necessary brand documents associated with your chosen ad account.

Step 3
Align Your Store Link

Enter the link to your store. It's crucial that this link aligns with the provided certification.

Step 4

Our team will verify the consistency between your store link and the submitted brand certification.

Step 5
Get Verified!

Verified by TikVerify Pro, confidently present your brand on TikTok with authenticity.

Follow the TikVerify Pro Steps

Embark on the TikVerify Pro journey with five simple steps. From choosing your ad account to brand document submission and store link alignment, each step is designed for a systematic and straightforward process.

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