1. Introduction

DIGIMPERIAL LTD, hereinafter referred to as the "Contractor", offers the "Advertiser" specialized services related to advertising on renowned platforms including but not limited to Snapchat and TikTok. INOVAD, an elite product of DIGIMPERIAL LTD, emerges as a leading international SaaS platform committed to the provision and meticulous management of ad accounts, ensuring paramount efficiency, compliance, and global reach.

2. Definition of Services

Advertisers can leverage INOVAD's unmatched suite of ad account management solutions tailored for platforms like Snapchat, TikTok, and beyond. While our commitment is to provide ad accounts in consonance with each platform's stringent guidelines, it's imperative to note that media buying support is beyond our service spectrum. We remain steadfast in ensuring that all services abide by the respective policies and regulations of the affiliated platforms.

3. Assured Quality of Deliverables

Our primary commitment to the Advertiser is to furnish ad accounts that resonate seamlessly with the specified guidelines of each platform. However, post-setup, the onus of continued adherence and compliance rests with the Advertiser. Breaches or non-compliance pose serious risks of account suspension, with repercussions borne by the Advertiser.

4. Data Confidentiality and Security

The Contractor guarantees the inviolability of the Advertiser's data. Upholding paramount data protection standards, we ensure that the Advertiser's data, when entrusted to DIGIMPERIAL/INOVAD, remains shielded from unwarranted intrusions or unauthorized disclosures

5. Refund and Subscription Policies

For TikTok:

For Snapchat: Please note: Subscriptions, once availed, stand irrevocable and non-refundable.

6. Service Support Mechanism

While INOVAD's commitment encompasses comprehensive technical support, updates on platform-specific changes, and timely notifications regarding new features or amendments, it does not cover media buying assistance.

7. Advertiser's Commitments

Advertisers must present authentic personal details, stringently adhere to platform norms, and ensure that their campaigns remain untainted by breaches or violations. Deviations from these standards risk penalties, suspensions, or more severe actions.

8. Data Management Ethos

Though both parties retain the prerogative to terminate this Agreement, such actions are conditional on scenarios like consistent non-compliance, delinquency in discharging financial commitments, or egregious violations of terms. Advertisers are fervently urged to familiarize themselves with these terms meticulously.

9. Termination and Severance Policies

Advertisers must present authentic personal details, stringently adhere to platform norms, and ensure that their campaigns remain untainted by breaches or violations. Deviations from these standards risk penalties, suspensions, or more severe actions.

10. Account Suspension and Termination

In the event of account suspension attributable to the Contractor's oversight or error, an alternative ad account, mirroring the previous balance, will be furnished to the Advertiser. Conversely, if the suspension arises from the Advertiser's transgressions or breaches, they assume all resulting consequences, devoid of rights to any refunds.

11. Marketing Communications and Data Access

By using INOVAD services, the Advertiser agrees to receive marketing emails from both INOVAD and DIGIMPERIAL LTD. This can be deactivated from the user's access, but essential notifications remain active regardless. Furthermore, the Contractor reserves the right to access reporting data on the Advertiser's ad account. This access aims to gain better insight and improve metrics analytics, purely for enhancing user experience and not for any other use

12. KYC Compliance and User Verification

In our continuous effort to uphold the highest standards of security and fraud prevention, DIGIMPERIAL LTD, through its INOVAD platform, implements a Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance process. This measure is crucial for verifying the identity of our Advertisers and ensuring the integrity of transactions within our ecosystem.

By continuing to use INOVAD's services, Advertisers affirm their understanding and acceptance of these KYC requirements, contributing to our mutual goal of maintaining a secure and compliant digital advertising ecosystem.

13. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policy.

DIGIMPERIAL LTD, in its operation of the INOVAD platform, adheres to stringent Anti-Money Laundering (AML) standards to combat financial crimes and ensure compliance with global AML regulations. This commitment is part of our dedication to maintaining the integrity of our financial transactions and safeguarding against the misuse of our services for money laundering or terrorist financing activities.

By using the services provided by INOVAD, Advertisers agree to adhere to the terms of this AML policy, cooperating fully with any due diligence processes and acknowledging the importance of these measures in promoting a secure and compliant financial environment.

By availing of the expertise of INOVAD, an eminent SaaS offering under the aegis of DIGIMPERIAL LTD, the Advertiser affirms their cognizance and unequivocal acceptance of the above-stipulated Policy and Terms of Conditions. Prior to initiating any services, Advertisers are implored to address any queries, reservations, or clarifications to our dedicated support team.

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