TikTok Advertising Mastery with INOVAD

Dive into the world of TikTok advertising with confidence. INOVAD offers a suite of services helping you elevate your TikTok campaigns with our strategic approach and unlock the full potential of your advertising endeavors on this dynamic platform.

High-Quality Ad Accounts

Elevate your TikTok advertising with INOVAD's expertise in crafting high-quality ad accounts tailored to your brand.

Transfer Pixel

Seamlessly manage and transfer pixels from other agencies to optimize your TikTok campaigns.

Creative Ad Approval

Navigate TikTok's creative landscape with confidence. INOVAD ensures your ad creatives receive swift approval.


Simplified High-Quality Ad-Account Creation

INOVAD revolutionizes the creation of high-quality TikTok ad accounts, simplifying the process for advertisers. Our expert team navigates the intricacies, ensuring a seamless and efficient setup that aligns with TikTok's best practices.

From strategic configuration to personalized optimization, we transform the complex into the straightforward. Our expertise ensures your campaigns align with TikTok's best practices, driving consistent results.

Transfer Pixel
Simplify Migration

Effortlessly transfer your pixel data from other TikTok agencies to our platform, streamlining the migration process and ensuring uninterrupted tracking.

Unleash Insights

Unlock valuable insights from your transferred pixel data to enhance your data-driven decision-making and optimize ad performance.

Time-Saving Solution

Save time and resources with our seamless pixel transfer service, enabling you to focus on your advertising strategies and campaign success.

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Streamlined Landing Page Approval

Our skilled team manages the complete landing page approval process, harmonizing it seamlessly with your ad content. This meticulous approach guarantees a cohesive and impactful user experience.

Seamless Creative Video Approval

Entrust the approval of your creative videos to our proficient team at INOVAD. We guarantee adherence to TikTok's policies, seamlessly approving creative content that aligns with the platform's guidelines.

AI Approval

AI-powered scrutiny for TikTok creative videos.

Human Approval

Humanly curated approval for TikTok creative videos.


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