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Elevate your TikTok advertising game with INOVAD's meticulous creative approval process. From dual approval methods, combining AI precision with human expertise, to our dedicated service crafting compelling video creatives.

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Dual Approval Methods

Dive into our meticulous creative video approval process, where AI and human expertise converge for comprehensive scrutiny. Harness the power of AI to automatically detect potential policy violations, complemented by the precision of our dedicated human team that goes beyond automated algorithms.

AI Precision

Leverage the power of AI in our creative video approval process to automatically detect and flag elements that may violate TikTok's policies. Our AI ensures a swift and efficient review, optimizing your videos for compliance.

Human Expertise

Rest assured with our human approval process that transcends automated algorithms. Our team of experts reviews your creative videos, offering an examination beyond what automated systems can provide.


Crafting Compelling Video Creatives

Step beyond mere approvals and entrust the visionary expertise of our INOVAD team to meticulously craft captivating video creatives exclusively tailored to embody your brand essence.

Guiding you seamlessly from conceptualization to execution, we ensure that your content not only aligns with TikTok's stringent standards but also emerges as a creative standout.

Elevate your brand's visual identity and storytelling prowess on TikTok through our dedicated creative services, meticulously designed to resonate deeply with your audience and, ultimately, drive impactful and enduring results that set your brand apart.

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