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What are the benefits of using INOVAD's ad accounts?

With INOVAD, you gain access to high-quality ad accounts specially created for TikTok. These accounts are designed to prioritize your ads, provide expert support, and offer access to special features like Transfer Pixel and Creative Ad.

Can I get direct support from TikTok when running ads?

Yes, as an intermediary between you and TikTok, INOVAD provides you with direct support from the TikTok team. This ensures prompt assistance for any issues you may encounter, such as ad approval or spending-related problems.

How can I transfer my existing pixel data to INOVAD?

Transferring your pixel data to INOVAD is effortless. Our "Transfer Pixel" service enables you to seamlessly migrate your pixel data from other TikTok agencies to our platform, ensuring uninterrupted tracking and valuable insights.

What sets INOVAD apart from other TikTok agencies?

INOVAD stands out by offering an advanced "Transfer Pixel" service, expertly managing ad accounts, creative video approvals, and tailor-made landing pages. Our focus on optimizing ad performance and providing direct support from TikTok.

How Can Premium Support Benefit My Advertising?

Yes, our ad accounts are compatible with over 55 markets, including major regions like the US, EU, GCC and More. his broad reach empowers you to effortlessly target global audiences, effectively connecting with a diverse pool of potential customers.

How does the AI approval for creative videos work?

Our AI-powered approval process quickly identifies elements that may violate TikTok's policies in your creative videos. This helps ensure that your videos are compliant before submission, saving you time and effort in the approval process.

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Step-by-Step Guidance

In our comprehensive tutorials, we'll be your guiding light through our platform, empowering you with the knowledge and skills to navigate with ease and maximize your success on TikTok.

Getting Started with INOVAD: Your First Step to Digital Advertising Success.

Welcome to INOVAD! This tutorial guides you through the simple process of creating your INOVAD account. We'll walk you through each step, from navigating to the sign-up page to entering your details, ensuring a smooth start to your digital advertising journey. Get ready to unlock the full potential of INOVAD's powerful advertising tools

Unlocking Premium Features: How to Create Your Subscription on INOVAD.

Ready to take your digital advertising to the next level? This video will show you how to create a subscription on INOVAD, giving you access to exclusive tools and features that will elevate your marketing strategy. Follow along as we explore the subscription options and show you how to select the best plan for your needs

Expanding Your Reach: Setting Up a TikTok Ad Account via INOVAD.

Dive into the world of TikTok advertising with INOVAD! This step-by-step tutorial will guide you through creating a TikTok ad account directly from the INOVAD platform. Learn how to seamlessly integrate your marketing efforts across platforms and tap into TikTok's vast audience to boost your campaigns

Target Your Audience with Precision: Creating a Snapchat Ad Account on INOVAD.

Snapchat offers a unique opportunity to connect with audiences in creative ways. This video tutorial will walk you through the process of setting up a Snapchat ad account through INOVAD, enabling you to launch engaging ads that resonate with your target demographic. Start harnessing the power of Snapchat advertising today

Boost Your Campaigns: Adding Funds to Your Ad Account on INOVAD.

Keep your advertising momentum going by adding funds to your ad account through INOVAD. This video will show you the quick and easy steps to ensure your campaigns are always active and reaching your desired audience. Learn how to manage your budget effectively and make the most of your advertising dollars

Secure and Simple: Adding Your Payment Method to INOVAD.

Ensure your advertising campaigns run smoothly by adding a payment method to your INOVAD account. This tutorial covers everything you need to know about payment options, security measures, and how to add your payment information securely. With INOVAD, managing your advertising budget has never been easier

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